One thing on the lips and hearts of all fanatic crypto devotees is the impending consolidation.

Everybody is mulling over everything, everybody is discussing it

what's more, financial backers are contemplating whether the cost of Ethereum will hit $3,000.

The consolidation between the Ethereum Blockchain and Beacon Chain, expected to happen on September 22nd, 2022

will see the Ethereum Blockchain take on the Proof of Stake component rather than the Proof of Work.

This move will see an enormous drop in the computational energy diggers need to mine Ethereum.

That will really hurt the climate and suppress a portion of the reactions of digital forms of money.

While you might in any case feel somewhat unsure about putting resources into Ethereum, this article will give you a humming and promising crypto project

Tamadoge, and why the TAMA token is the following large venture for you to make in the crypto space.