The only scene from The Weird Al

Al Yankovic's story sounds great, but if you don't like the joke, you might be confused.

How much of this film is a "real" biopic? The short answer is: almost nothing.

No, Strange Al hasn't slept with Madonna, and no, he's never had a problem with alcohol.

As true Weird Al fans know, what makes Weird Al so odd among "rock stars" is that he's a sane AF.

Based on a Funny or Die sketch from 2013 for a biopic that didn't exist, the whole point of WEIRD:

Al Yankovic's story is bound to create a twisted and hilarious version of Weird Al's real-life biography.

Well, it turns out there's pretty much only one scene in the trailer that actually happened in real life.

While WEIRD's general point is to be a deliberately over the top and utterly fictitious account of Weird Al

There are some general aspects of the account of Al Yankovic's life which are true in spirit.