Mark Zuckerberg says working with wife

Mark Zuckerberg shed even more light on what it looks like running a relationship with his soul mate, Priscilla Chan.

The Meta CEO went on the "Joe Rogan Experience" as of late for a 3-hour talk about the metaverse,

Zuckerberg and Rogan were discussing the leader's meaningful ventures and how he needs to invest his energy these days and pushing ahead.

Something he referenced was working in the magnanimity world with Chan

his school darling whom he wedded in 2012.

It's been truly cool having the opportunity to work with my significant other Priscilla on this,

it's opened up an entirely different side of our relationship, where it's like we were accomplices and presently we additionally get to cooperate,

She's splendid, she's a specialist and sees such countless more things about natural science

than I do and I can bring this entire designing point of view, and we advance such a great amount from doing that together."

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