Excessive Heat Warning issued

It is a first day of alert in the valley for the dangerous heat.

An extreme heat warning is in effect for the Valley today and tomorrow and through Thursday in southwestern Arizona.

Look for clear skies, light winds and a 111 degree afternoon in the valley today.

The normal or average high for this time of year in Phoenix is ​​104 degrees, and our daily high for today is 113 degrees.

Tomorrow temperatures will drop a few degrees and a maximum of 108 is expected in the valley.

Temperatures will remain warm over the coming bank holiday weekend, with afternoon highs of between 106 and 109 degrees.

The storm probability remains low in the Valley and across the state for the remainder of this week.

The chance of storms appears to increase slightly through Friday and into the weekend in the highlands.

There is a very small chance of some isolated thunderstorms in the valley on Friday night and Saturday morning.