Harry Styles' Accent in Clip From 'Don't Worry Darling' Mocked Online

The "Watermelon Sugar" vocalist is set to star close by Florence Pugh in the exceptionally expected spine chiller coordinated by his flow sweetheart Olivia Wilde.

Nonetheless, a portion of the energy around the film has all the earmarks of being disseminating among certain fans

after a special clasp was shared to web-based entertainment of a scene including Styles and Pugh.

The video was initially presented on the authority Don't Worry Darling Twitter account yet was in this manner reposted by MovieRankings.net.

At the hour of composing, the video has piled up over 2.2 million perspectives however the going with remarks

have been not exactly free about Styles' presentation, or, all the more explicitly, his pronunciation.

AmAyeRong contrasted it with an "SNL play" while Trevor Dow said: "Whoever thought this was the clasp to post ought to be terminated truly."

"Wow Harry Styles is a quite horrendous entertainer," j*zzing_saddam remarked with birdfacepower adding: 

not certain what he's doing but rather Florence's American inflection is perfect."