'One' Finance App Accounts Review

Written by Pradeep Saran

One finance app gives you a good interest rate for your saving account.

How one finance app works

- No joining fee - Its give you a high interest rate  - Customer can open multiple pockets in account


- You can't deposit your cash - No weekend support  - don't have physical branch


In this app you have a regular spending money and separate pockets for savings.

One Account is saving account

One finance app have spend, save and auto save option in it and you can also create more for free.

Tree Type of Pockets

You can earn 1% APY on your saving pocket. And Also 3% APY on auto saving pocket.

Interest rate for one finance app

Your account is insured by Coastal Community Bank. 

One feature

It give you credit limit based on your savings and income upto $10,000

Credit Card

It has no joining fee, no maintenance fee, no overdraft fee, no ATM fee, no foreign transaction fees.


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